Turn the tide to a sustainable ocean economy

March 11th-13th 2024 | Lisbon, Portugal

World Ocean Summit & Expo (economist.com)

The eleventh annual World Ocean Summit returns to Lisbon, leading the way to spark conversation and action in the transition to a sustainable ocean economy.

In 2024 we will put even more emphasis on action with a series of “How to” workshops, which will present real-world solutions to global ocean challenges. Ten interactive “How to” workshops will create a set of action points and practical takeaways for individuals and organisations committed to restoring ocean health.

The 2024 agenda will focus on ocean health, industry strategies for a sustainable ocean economy, and ocean-climate solutions. The summit will feature more than 200 expert speakers and convene the widest cross-section of the ocean community from business and finance to government, national and international policymakers, civil society and academia.

This event provides the perfect platform to inspire new partnerships, solutions and strategies on the track to meet the 2030 targets in UN Sustainable Development Goal 14. It is designed to change the way business is done in the ocean.

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