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#Fijians will now have access to state of the art digital x-ray machines when visiting any healthcare facility for medical treatment around the country.

While launching the $4.3million machine today, Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama said the health ministry is rolling out 22 new portable digital x-ray machines in health facilities across #Fiji, including in some of the most remote rural and maritime pockets of the country.

“The single greatest advantage of these new machines is the rate at which they operate. We’re cutting a 20-minute traditional x-ray process down to about five seconds.”

Prime Minister Bainimarama adds the digital x-ray process is not only faster, but it also delivers better care.

“The images it captures can be quickly and securely shared across our national healthcare network which is critical for the diagnosis of certain conditions. It creates an accurate digital record that informs better treatment, anywhere in Fiji that treatment is sought.”

Rather than limiting the availability of this technology to hospitals only in the urban centres, Prime Minister Bainimarama highlighted that these digital machines will reach every division in the country.

“Because every #Fijian deserves access to the best possible medical treatment and equipment we can afford to provide. That’s not only my opinion but it is also the mandate of the Fijian Constitution.”

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