SPC STRATEGIC PLAN 2022–2031 Sustainable Pacific development through science, knowledge and innovation

Strategic Plan 2022-2031


Pacific people have been wayfinders and stewards of our region for centuries, using knowledge to sustain life, livelihoods and well-being. The Pacific Community Strategic Plan 2022–2031 guides the Pacific Community in developing and transforming our Blue Pacific Continent.

The Pacific Community (SPC) is the principal scientific and technical organisation supporting development in the Pacific region. We are an international organisation with a mandate articulated in Article IV of the Canberra Agreement; and one of nine member agencies of the Council of Regional Organisations of the Pacific (CROP).
As a Pacific organisation, we interweave science, technology and innovation with cultural wisdom and indigenous knowledge for our region’s collective betterment. We serve the people of the Blue Pacific.

Across the 27 members of our Pacific Community, the region’s unique and vibrant cultures are ‘the breath that blows the conch shell of a nation’s identity, intellectual,
moral and spiritual life’1 . We support SPC staff well-being and build trusted partnerships, secure in our
shared identity and worldview.

This plan is shaped by foresight, evidence and analysis generated by SPC members, staff and partners. The participatory approach was inclusive of diverse perspectives, creating ownership and identifying pathways of action toward our shared future visions.

Setting course through to 2031, we build on previous strategies, COVID-19 recovery efforts, sustainable development commitments and the onward voyage to the Blue Pacific of 2050. We will continue to collaborate, mobilise resources and capabilities to strengthen and complement existing regional mechanisms. Through our convening power, we will amplify Pacific voices across regional and international forums. With a focus on learning and adaptation, as well as results to impact, this strategy will be reviewed at the third, fifth and eighth year milestones to remain relevant, responsive and coherent with other regional strategies.


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