Solomon : Alleged Instigator to Face Court

SOLOMON STAR : December 13, 2021, By ASSUMPTA BUCHANAN – Newsroom, Honiara

A 50 year-old man accused of leading a group of people to march to the Parliament house on November 24 will face trial on Thursday.

The accused is facing trial for one count of behave in a riotous manner.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge when he appeared in the last court appearance and a pre-trial conference was conducted yesterday.

A Crown Prosecutor told the court that the Crown will be calling at least three police officers who saw the accused at the scene and will testify on his behaviour and conduct at the material time.

Principal Magistrate Felix Hollison who heard the pre-trial conference then set down 16 and 17 December for the trial.

According to the allegation, the accused was seen at the Honiara City Council area at around 9.30am on November 24.

It is alleged that the accused assembled with others and did behave in a riotous manner by leading a group of people and instigating them to march to the Parliament house.

The Police “Lima Squad 2 “tried to quell the accused’s group but to no avail.

Prosecution also alleged that accused was one of the active persons who encouraged the group of people to gather at HCC area.

The accused was later arrested on November 29.


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