SI : Speaker approves motion of no confidence against vocal Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani

Premier Daniel Suidani

SOLOMON STAR – 05:02 am GMT+12, 06/10/2020, Solomon Islands –

By WILSON SAENI – Auki News Bureau

Malaita Provincial Assembly Speaker Ronnie Butala had given the green-light for the no confidence motion against Premier Daniel Suidani to go ahead.
This came after the Speaker sought legal advice and clarification on the matter from Malaita Chief Legal Officer and Attorney General Chamber.  
According to a correspondence sighted by this paper, the Malaita Chief Legal Officer recommended the motion be rejected as it fails to meet the important and mandatory requirement provided for under Standing Order 108.  
“In all fairness to Honourable Premier and his executive, the notice should be returned with a view for better clarity and sufficient and adequate notice on the allegations raised before resubmit.  
“If this is the course to be taken, it would mean a new date for the Provincial Assembly will have to be decided upon by the Speaker in accordance with the Premier,” the recommendation from legal officer said.  
The Malaita Chief Legal Officer then referred the matter to the AG Chamber stating the notice of no confidence against the Premier and his Executive are defective because they are not stated in specific terms as required in section 108.  
But in response, the AG Chamber said, the motion is in order and compliance with S0 106 suggest an adequate example as.
Malaita Provincial Assembly Speaker wasted no time and approved the no confidence motion.  
Speaker Butala has already put up a notice confirming the motion to be tabled next Tuesday 13 October during the full Assembly meeting.



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