Detachment of RF Navy’s Pacific Fleet returned to Vladivostok after long range campaign in Asia-Pacific region

IAA PortNews congratulates all generations of naval mariners and veterans as well as specialists of related companies and organizations on the Russian Navy Day.

PORT NEWS – 2020 September 30 12:09

Today the detachment of ships of Pacific Fleet as a part of Large anti-submarine ship “Admiral Tributs” and “Admiral Vinogradov”, large sea tanker “Boris Butoma” completed the two-months long range campaign and returned to Vladivostok, says press center of RF Defence Ministry.

Under the general command of the ships formation deputy commander captain 1st rank Alexey Antsiferov the Pacific Fleet ships participated in the Russian-Indian naval exercise “Indra Navy-2020” and made business calls to the ports of Sri-Lanka and Brunei, which helps the further development of cooperation with the Asia-Pacific region countries in the naval field.

The solemn meeting was organized at the military pier of the Korabelnaya embankment in Vladivostok dedicated to the arrival of the ship’s detachment to the home base. Speaking to the audience the acting commander of the Pacific Fleet Vice-Admiral Denis Berezovsky noted that the ships covered more than 12 thousand nautical miles and performed more than 50 combat exercises within two months. He congratulated the servicemen on their safe return home and thanked them for the excellent performance of the task. Traditionally the ship’s commanders and the tanker’s captain were given the roast piglets.

The solemn ceremony ended with the general passage of the Pacific Fleet surface ships detachment personnel.


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