PIF Leaders’ Vision for 2050

2050 Blue Pacific (forumsec.org)



The success of the 2050 Strategy depends on enhanced cooperation, strong leadership and the continued participation at all levels of society in its implementation. We seek the broadest support possible across our region to ensure full ownership and accountability in delivering on our shared objectives. This is our 2050 Strategy, and we will drive and deliver it together for the benefit of all Pacific peoples.

Strategic Context

The 2050 Strategy emphasises that the Blue Pacific is about Pacific peoples, their faiths, cultural values, and traditional knowledge. People who know their needs and potential; plan and own their development agenda; and act collectively for the good of all.

The global COVID-19 pandemic and global security challenges placed tremendous social and economic stress on the people of the Pacific, who already contend with the impacts of climate change, frequency of disasters and the increasing number of people suffering from non-communicable diseases.Read More

Leaders Commitment to 2050
   Strategic Context: The Influences that Shape Our Region  

As large oceanic countries and territories, we are the custodians of nearly 20 percent of the earth’s surface, and we place great cultural and spiritual value on our ocean and land, as our common heritage.

We occupy a vitally significant place in global strategic terms. As a consequence, heightened geopolitical competition impacts our Member countries. Further, there is increasing commercial and state-sponsored interest in our region’s ecological and natural resources. This is reflected in the global community’s present interest in the “Blue Economy” and suggests that there will be growing demand for our resources over the years to come.



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