Solomon Islands Government considers China’s vaccine: PM Sogavare

ISLAND SUN – 01:32 am GMT+12, 11/03/2021, Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands is also considering Sinopharm vaccine to support the country’s effort in fighting against covid-19, says Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

“We will also be receiving 20,000 doses of this vaccine in April and will also roll it out as soon as the World Health Organisation approves it for emergency use,” said Sogavare.

He said for the AstraZeneca vaccine the first orders had been placed by our in-country partner, UNICEF through its supply division

“We expect to receive the first tranche of 24,000 doses of the vaccine this month. Training has commenced on the administration of the vaccine. Venues have also been identified to roll out the vaccine after its arrival,” said Sogavare.

He said AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved by the World Health Organisation for emergency use. The WHO approval gives the confidence that it is safe and effective to protect the recipient from covid-19.

“I have seen a lot of commentaries on our social media for leaders including myself to first receive the vaccine before the general populace. It is said, this will demonstrate our confidence in the safety of the vaccine.

“In this regard, I assure you all that I will willingly take the covid-19 vaccine when my turn comes to demonstrate my confidence in the safety of the vaccine which will also offer me protection from covid-19,” said Sogavare.

He said the health team is now finalising the vaccination roll out plan for the first tranche of vaccines.

“It is my hope when your turn comes you will also take the jab to keep yourself and our country safe.

“It is also the wish of my government that the people living along the western border will benefit from the first roll out of either of the two vaccines we anticipate in the country by April this year.

“With the rapidly worsening covid-19 situation on Bougainville, we must include covid-19 vaccination along the border communities in addition to our efforts to prevent people from crossing the border from Bougainville to Solomon Islands,” said Sogavare.

He said from the regional perspective, Fiji has now received its first shipment of AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccines

“We hope to receive ours soon,” said Sogavare.


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