Officers from the Australian Defence Force studying in Fiji for the first time

[image: RFMF]

FIJI VILLAGE – 27 October 2020, By Iva Danford

For the first time ever officers from the Australian Defence Force are studying in Fiji.

The Infantry Captains Course which is being attended by 12 Republic of Fiji Military Forces officers and two Australian Defence Force officers has commenced at the Officers Training Centre in Vatuwaqa.

While speaking to the participants, Commander Land Force, Colonel Manoa Gadai says it is usually those who have the right and positive attitudes that will tend to be more successful in life.

Col Gadai says the course will also broaden the participant’s knowledge and skills in the art of military warfare and will allow them to critically analyze and establish practicable and workable solutions in various situations.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Kai Kearney from the Australian Defence Force 8th/9th Battalion and Royal Australian Regiment who is a participant says that he was eager to come and learn alongside his Fijian comrades for the duration of the course.

Lt Kearney says this is a great opportunity to expand professional skills and take these skills back to Australia, and certainly interoperability with the RFMF.

The Infantry Captains course will be conducted for a total of 5 weeks with the guidance of instructors from the Officers Training Centre.

The Australian High Commissioner John Feakes had earlier announced that the Australian government will be funding the RFMF’s Infantry Captains Course and the Warrant Officers Course which the officers from Australia will be part of.

He says the move comes as part of an enhanced partnership between Australia and Fiji on officer training.

He says their support also includes the upgrade of the facilities at the Force Training Group in Nasinu and the Officers Training Centre in Vatuwaqa.

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