In the midst of the submarine crisis, Germany lays the foundations for a military space partnership with Australia

DECRYPTION – A few hours earlier, German Foreign Minister Michael Roth called for strengthening the “sovereignty” of the European Union.

While France has been grappling with Australia for a week over the submarine crisis file, General Eberhard Zorn, Chief of Staff of the German Army, posted photos on Twitter that did not did not fail to react. Accompanied by Admiral David L. Johnston, vice-chief of the Australian Defense Forces, the soldier welcomes the signing of a letter of intent for a “Military Space Partnership” between the two countries. “Australia, Germany want to deepen dialogue on security and space situation», Writes the senior officer.

The timing of the announcement questions. How can Germany boast of an agreement with Australia, when the latter has just broken the “contract of the century” with its main partner, France? Especially since, the next day, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Michael Roth, publicly supported France, believing that the submarine affair was “an alarm signal for everyone in the European Union“. He also warned that Europeans should “ask the question on how to consolidate our sovereignty” and of “show more unity on foreign and security policy issues».

A “cooperation in space surveillance”



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