Russia calls for reform of UN Security Council: Lavrov says West has ‘excessive representation’ and it should include more nations

FILE PHOTO. United Nations General Assembly vote to address the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the U.S. against Cuba at the United Nations headquarters in New York. © Reuters / Lucas Jackson.

RT – 28 Jun, 2021 10:24 – By Jonny Tickle

The “excessive representation of the West” in decision-making should be limited to create a more balanced world order, with more input from the global east and south, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Writing for Moscow daily Kommersant, Lavrov said Western nations had too much power on the United Nations Security Council, and the proposed limitations would democratize international relations.

The Security Council, made up of 15 countries, includes five permanent members: China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. There are no permanent representatives from Africa, southern Asia, or South America. The other 10 places are taken up by nations on a rotating basis, with three members invited to join from Africa, two from the Asia-Pacific, one from Eastern Europe, two from Latin America and the Caribbean, and two from Western Europe. According to Lavrov, this setup favors Western nations.



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