Nanaia Mahuta lays out vision for NZ foreign policy: China for trade, US for defence, and Pacific at the centre

Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta gave her inaugural foreign poliy speech at a event for New Zealand-posted diplomats at Paihia on Thursday evening.

STUFF – Thomas Manch19:31, Feb 04 2021

China for trade, the United States for security, and the Pacific front-and-centre: Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta has laid out her vision for New Zealand’s foreign policy.

Mahuta gave her first policy speech to the world’s New Zealand-posted diplomats at a waterfront bar in Paihia on Thursday evening, part of Waitangi celebrations and one of the biggest nights of the diplomatic calendar.

A central theme was the bi-cultural partnership between Māori and the Crown found in the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, cast as an example of what New Zealand could bring to diplomacy. Mahuta also reaffirmed a focus on the Pacific and spoke of her own desire to build relationships in Africa.

“It has previously been difficult to bring indigenous relationships to the fore. I believe the time has come to ensure a more inclusive approach to indigenous issues being a feature of foreign policy.



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