President: Vanuatu needs a Monument to symbolize Christianity

Vanuatu’s new president Tallis Obed Moses Photo: RNZI Len Garae

DAILY POST – By Charles Hakwa – Nov 30, 2020

While Vanuatu goes through Unity week with the activities at Independence Park, the President of the Republic of Vanuatu, Pastor Obed Tallis Moses says as people show their faith in God, they need to show their true Christian identity as a nation.

President Tallis says the country needs a statue, in the form of a cross, to symbolize Christianity so visitors can see that this country belongs to God.

He says since independence in 1980 the country never had one and he questions everyone on where Christianity is if there is nothing to show for.

The president is calling on the government of the day and the Vanuatu Christian Council (VCC) to seriously take this into consideration.

He says the monument should be a cross and it should be illuminated and placed in a location in Port Vila where everyone can see. He also says a power house of prayer should also be there for anyone to use.

He says Vanuatu is founded on Melanesian values and Christian principals as stated in the constitution, however for Melanesian values there is the statue at the parliament house however there is nothing to show for the faith in God and Christian principles.

President Tallis says Vanuatu is 40 years old and this has resemblance to the Israelites who wondered in the desert for 40 years before they reached the promised land.He describes Vanuatu as turning 40 symbolizing 40 years of walking with God, therefore it must have something to show for that milestone as other nations have landmarks to mark milestones they have reached.

The President also says when God spoke to Joshua, He said one man out of one tribe must build a monument to remind their children of the journey which they took carrying the covenant across the Jordan as stated in Joshua chapter 4 verse 6.The President says Vanuatu too must have the monument in the form of an illuminated cross to remind the future generation about 40 years of walking with God.

Since it is Unity week, the President also says he is glad all churches are participating together in unity however he also says that Unity should not only be in Christ and in prayers, but everyone must also remain united in every aspect of life as the country really needs both political and social stability.


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