Chinese president reaffirms diplomatic ties with call to King Tupou VI

MATANGI – Monday, September 27, 2021 – 14:34.  Updated on Monday, September 27, 2021 – 14:37

The Chinese President Xi Jinping had a phone conversation with King Tupou VI of Tonga last week on 24 September.

A report posted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, stated that, “Tonga will continue to firmly support China on issues concerning its core interests.”

They reported that in the phone call, King Tupou VI had expressed his gratitude for the Chinese assistance to Tonga during the pandemic.

“King Tupou VI congratulated on the successful completion of the National Games and wishes the Beijing Olympic Winter Games a great success. He said that Chinese medical experts and agricultural and technical experts have played an important role in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic in Tonga and ensuring the country’s food security. Tonga is grateful for that. By adhering to the principle of independence and self-reliance and the One-China policy, Tonga will continue to firmly support China on issues concerning its core interests. Tonga supports Pacific island countries in strengthening their relations with China and stands ready to play a positive role in it,” said the statement from China.

Xi Jinping pointed out that since the establishment of diplomatic ties between Tonga and China, the two countries have deepened political mutual trust and had fruitful exchanges and cooperation in various fields.

“Xi Jinping stressed that China is ready to expand all-round cooperation with Tonga within the framework of the Belt and Road cooperation, offer economic and technical assistance without any political strings attached, continue to carry out agricultural and technical cooperation projects, and provide necessary assistance for Tongan agricultural and fishery products’ entry into the Chinese market.”

China will set up a China-Pacific island countries cooperation center for poverty reduction and development, and is prepared to build an emergency supplies reserve for China-Pacific island countries and other projects.


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