China donates 30 containerized isolation rooms to FSM

From left, Kandhi Elieisar, FSM secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs; Dickson Wichep, assistant secretary at the FSM Department of Transportation, Communication, & Infrastructure; Feliciano Perman, lt. governor of Pohnpei State; Livingston A. Taulung, secretary of the FSM Department of Health & Social Affairs; Ferny S. Perman, chair of the FSM Congressional Committee on Health & Social Affairs; Huang Zheng, ambassador of China to the FSM; and Jacky Feng, project manager at China Construction Science & Industry Corporation Ltd. FSMIS photo


PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services) — On Oct. 16, 2020, Kandhi A. Elieisar, secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs in the Government of the Federated States of Micronesia, and  Livingston A. Taulung, FSM secretary of the Department of Health & Social Affairs, joined Huang Zheng, ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, in a formal handover ceremony for the FSM’s receipt of 30 containerized isolation units.

The isolation units are intended to hold individuals who are either persons under investigation for Covid-19 or confirmed cases thereof.

From the outside, the isolation units have the appearance of an appropriately eye-catching standardized shipping container. Internally, the isolation units offer accommodations consistent with quality hotel rooms, including comfortable bedding, powerful air-conditioning, and hot water. Each isolation unit uses standardized fabrication components, with modular doors and windows built through a mechanized assembly process.

Comprehensive electromechanical wiring and FSM-specific customization will help ensure that, in the event the FSM receives a potential case of Covid-19, that the suspected individual is simultaneously treated with both the safety of the public and their own dignity in mind.

It is the intent of the FSM government that the isolation units be equitably shared across the federation. As such, Pohnpei State will receive 10 units; Chuuk State will receive 12; Kosrae State will receive four; and Yap State will receive four.

Ambassador Huang spoke about how Covid-19 is a common threat to the human race, and that assisting the FSM in combatting the virus is consistent with China Aid’s fundamental principles of equality, mutual benefit, openness, and sustainability.

Secretary Taulung remarked in his statements about the FSM’s sincere appreciation for the isolation units, noting that when the FSM’s travel restrictions first began on Jan. 31, 2020, that the FSM had four isolation rooms in total.

“We are grateful to the assistance we receive from our development partners, which are invaluable to us,” Secretary Taulung said. “These isolation units are a monumental accomplishment for all of  us. I extend our utmost appreciation to you, Ambassador Huang, and to all of you who work so tirelessly to prepare the FSM for repatriation of its citizens stranded abroad whilst retaining our Covid-19 free status.” 


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