Solomon : New patrol boat

NEW PATROL BOAT Patrol boat 05 Gizo on its arrival in December 2019. [Photo: Lachlan Eddie]

SOLOMON STAR – 15 February 2021 – By FOLLET JOHN

To be named ‘Patrol Boat 06 Taro’ coming May

THE Australian Government will provide Solomon Islands with its sixth brand-new Guardian-class Patrol Boat named RSIPV Taro in May.

The support comes just over a year after it supplied Patrol Boat Gizo in November 2019.

This changeover will happen when RSIPV Auki completes its cycle and returns to Australia next month. On Auki’s return, it would then be replaced by ‘RSIPV Taro’.

This was revealed by the Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands Dr. Strahan Lachlan on Friday when officially handing over two more aluminum fast boats to the local police force. 

The support through the two boats is part of the Australian Government’s security partnership with the country. 

Dr. Strahan said, Australia and Solomon Islands share a strong and enduring security partnership, built on a shared vision for a region that is secure, stable, resilient, and prosperous.

“The handing over is just one of the many exciting security projects Australia is partnering with the Solomon Islands to deliver in 2021.” 

He said, in a few months’ time RSIPV Auki will travel to Australia to be replaced by RSIPV Taro, a brand-new Guardian-class Patrol Boat.

“Patrol boat Auki which serves the Solomon Islands for years is going towards its last cycle and will be returning to Australia by March.

“Therefore, by May this year we are expecting to receive another Patrol boat that will be bigger, faster, and much more capable,” he said.

Dr. Strahan said, also mentioned that this year the Australian Government looks forward to commencing construction of the Western Border Patrol Boat Outpost.

Newsroom, Honiara


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