Policy Brief No.173: Asia-Pacific vs. Indo-Pacific: Paradigm Shift or False Choice?

Asia-Pacific vs. Indo-Pacific: Paradigm Shift or False Choice? | Toda Peace Institute

This Policy Brief examines an anomaly taking place in international politics: the rise of Indo-Pacific geopolitical thinking, abruptly replacing the discourse constructed around the concept of the Asia-Pacific that has persisted for years. As the United States and Japan have initiated the Indo-Pacific strategy, policymakers and scholars in India, South Korea, Australia and most European countries have uncritically accepted the transition to an Indo-Pacific era without any substantial debate about its appropriateness. In the sense of what the philosopher and historian Thomas Kuhn called a paradigm shift, it is quite incomprehensible, because the Asia-Pacific paradigm is still alive and well.

DOWNLOAD PDF: https://toda.org/assets/files/resources/policy-briefs/t-pb-173_asia-pacific-vs-indo-pacific_moon.pdf

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