Largest indo-pacific endeavour sets sail

Largest Indo-Pacific Endeavour sets sail | Defence News

HMA Ships Adelaide and Anzac have departed Darwin, signalling the launch of the main joint force element of Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2022 (IPE22), Australia’s flagship regional engagement activity.

In the largest IPE since the activity began in 2017, five ships, 11 helicopters and about 1800 personnel will work with Australia’s regional partners across the region, visiting 14 countries, from India to Indonesia to the Philippines.

Commander IPE22 Commodore Mal Wise said he was looking forward to fostering strong relationships with Australia’s Indo-Pacific neighbours from a whole-of-government perspective.

“Working with partners in the international environment is something navies have been doing for hundreds of years,” Commodore Wise said.

“Knowing and understanding the partners you have – what their sensitivities and interests are – is key to building a secure and stable neighbourhood.”

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