Free and Open Indo-Pacific – Based on the accomplishments of the Abe Administration, Japan intends to further expand these diplomatic concepts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan – MOFA

The Indo-Pacific region is facing various challenges such as piracy, terrorism, proliferation of WMD, natural disasters and attempts to change the status quo. Under such circumstances, Japan aims to promote peace, stability and prosperity across the region to make the Indo-Pacific free and open as “international public goods”, through ensuring rules-based international order including the rule of law, freedom of navigation and overflight, peaceful settlement of disputes, and promotion of free trade.

A key for stability and prosperity of the international community is dynamism that is created by combining :

  • “Two Continents” : Asia that is rapidly growing and Africa that possess huge potential of growth; and
  • “Two Oceans” : Free and open Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean
  • ⇒ broaden the horizon of Japanese foreign policy by envisioning the above as an overarching, comprehensive concept

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