Charting the course: 5 things to watch in the Indo-Pacific

Soldiers from the 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 11th Airborne Division, drill with Indian army soldiers during an exercise in India. (Credit: U.S. Army/Benjamin Wilson)

Charting the Course: 5 Things to Watch in the Indo-Pacific | AUSA

GEN. CHARLES FLYNN Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The Chinese Communist Party cannot picture peaceful coexistence of President Xi Jinping’s rejuvenated China and the United States’ democratic way of life within the liberal world order. Accordingly, the People’s Republic of China continues its work to coercively rewrite norms and underwrite irresponsible behavior that undermines global order, including its own missile launches over Taiwan, North Korean missile tests and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In this environment, many think the U.S. Army plays a small role in a so-called air and maritime theater named for two oceans. At best, these arguments are misinformed. At worst, they’re dangerously wrong. The Indo-Pacific is a joint theater with challenges so complex that only a fully integrated joint force can solve them.


1. Unified Pacific War Games

2. Campaigning Through Pathways

3. Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center

4. Improved Combined Warfighting


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