Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy

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The Indo-Pacific: A new horizon of opportunity

Global importance of the Indo-Pacific region
The Indo-Pacific region will play a critical role in shaping Canada’s future over the next half-century. Encompassing 40 economies, over four billion people and $47.19 trillion in economic activity, it is the world’s fastest growing-region and home to six of Canada’s top 13 trading partners. The Indo-Pacific region represents significant opportunities for growing the economy here at home, as well as opportunities for Canadian workers and businesses for decades to come.

The Indo-Pacific is rapidly becoming the global centre of economic dynamism and strategic challenge. Every issue that matters to Canadians—including our national security, economic prosperity, respect for international law, democratic values, public health, protecting our environment, the rights of women and girls and human rights—will be shaped by the relationships Canada and its allies and partners have with Indo-Pacific countries. Our ability to maintain open skies, open trading systems and open societies, as
well as to effectively address climate change, will depend in part on what happens over the next several decades in the Indo-Pacific region.


Conclusion: Canada’s Indo-Pacific future
Canada is a Pacific nation. The Indo-Pacific is our neighbourhood. Canadians from all backgrounds, all regions and all parts of the economy stand to gain from our deepening relationships with partners around the Indo-Pacific. The Indo-Pacific will shape the future of our economy, trading relationships, immigration policies, environment and security.
Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy will ensure that Canada plays an active role in shaping this future. It will position us to take advantage of the growing opportunities the Indo-Pacific presents. Canada is looking out at the horizon of the Indo-Pacific future with a clear view of the shared prosperity that lies ahead for Canadians and for people throughout the Indo-Pacific region. By engaging and investing in partnership, we will secure a better future for all. We cannot do this without the involvement of Canadians from every sector. This is at the core of Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy. Together, we can raise our sights, commit to building a better future and make Canada a reliable and engaged partner in the Indo-Pacific

DOWNLOAD Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy (26 pages)


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