AUKUS: Australia’s Nuclear Subs May Cost $121 Bn, Carry ‘Enormous Challenges’, Warns Think Tank

SPUTNIK – DEC 14, 2021

Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom announced the trilateral AUKUS pact in September this year. Under AUKUS, Australia will take delivery of advanced nuclear-powered submarines from either the US or the UK. China, the perceived threat AUKUS is meant to thwart, has accused Washington of “inciting” nuclear arms race in the region.A leading Australian think-tank warned on Tuesday that Canberra’s plan to develop advanced nuclear submarines under the AUKUS pact could cost the exchequer up to $121 billion (A$171 billion).

The cost of at least eight nuclear-powered attack submarine tech from either the US or the United Kingdom would be nearly $50 billion (A$70 billion) at an “absolute minimum”, the study by Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) warns.The new report entitled ‘Strategy: Implementing Australia’s Nuclear Submarine Programme’ has warned that buying the submarine technology and building the subs would be an “enormous undertaking” which would require re-calibration of Australia’s military and industrial capacities as well as ensuring that Canberra adheres to its international non-proliferation commitments.



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