An Indo-Pacific NATO is a bad idea

GRAPHIC OF THE WEEK NATO plays a crucial role in shaping transatlantic strategies on China, and this role will likely be defined differently under a Biden presidency. This graphic, designed in cooperation with researchers from IISS in London, shows the status quo of Chinese and NATO partnerships, with a focus on the crucial Indo-Pacific region.

An Indo-Pacific NATO is a bad idea – Asia Times

Washington should advance its interests by focusing on things regional states actually want By QUINN MARSCHIK MARCH 15, 2022

As the tragic war in Ukraine continues – a conflict Russian President Vladimir Putin ultimately chose, but influenced by multiple rounds of NATO expansion and moves to include Ukraine and Georgia – many are pondering how to deter potential Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific region.

But instead of deterring Beijing, increasing the pressure will likely cause China to double down on its national-security aims and increase the chance it will use force to accomplish them – meaning the United States could be more easily dragged into a deadly war. Not only is this against American interests, but attempting to securitize the Indo-Pacific region further with an “Asian NATO” won’t work and would be a waste of resources.

Avoiding a catastrophic war with China – one that could turn nuclear – is a vital American interest. An Indo-Pacific equivalent to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization would increase the chance of conflict.

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