A Clean Energy Strategy for the Indo-Pacific


A Clean Energy Strategy for the Indo-Pacific | The National Interest

by Paul J. Saunders October 28, 2022  Topic: Energy  Region: Asia  Tags: EnergyClean EnergyRenewable EnergyOilNatural GasCarbon Capture IPEF

With additional effort, the United States can help to establish lasting and effective tools to accelerate clean energy deployment in the Indo-Pacific region and to serve wider U.S. political and economic interests.

How societies and energy systems develop in the Indo-Pacific region will be critical to global efforts to deploy clean energy and reduce energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. Active engagement by the United States in building frameworks to support and accelerate clean energy projects—as a leader, an organizer, and a facilitator—can contribute significantly to success while advancing wider American objectives at a time of growing geopolitical competition. Regional frameworks are valuable tools in any such effort.

Energy resources, technologies, and systems are geopolitically significant because they include infrastructure that is critical to security and to modern economies. As a result, energy resources, technologies, and systems can create strategic opportunities or vulnerabilities. New energy technologies accentuate this by reshaping energy systems; governments and corporations are scrambling to win leading positions in the future global energy economy. That they can only guess at its contours only further increases their uncertainty. Questions surrounding the future geopolitical order and possible conflicts between the United States and China, Russia, or both, only add to this.

This article is an excerpt from the report “Toward an Indo-Pacific Clean Energy Framework” by the Energy Innovation Reform Project.

Paul J. Saunders is President of the Energy Innovation Reform Project. He was previously Executive Director of the Center for the National Interest (CFTNI). He remains a member of the center’s Board of Directors and a senior fellow in U.S. Foreign Policy at CFTNI.

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