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China’s rise continues, with recent projections indicating that the country is poised to become the world’s largest economy by 2028.1 A shift in the global status quo is underway, and it raises important questions: will an ascendant China reconsider its approach to issues of international interest, such as human rights, international trade, internet governance and technological hegemony? China’s advance signals a new era for the international business community. Increasingly, government and business leaders must possess the skills to navigate a global transformation and changed international environment.

The International Relations: China, Russia, the US and the Future of Geopolitics a six-week online short course from Economist Education, will provide you with an understanding of the consequences of global power shifts. Gain the tools to plan for disruption as you explore how players from different countries, as well as technology and global challenges, will affect your organisation and future competitive strategy.

Explore the consequences of global change in your organisation.

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What’s in store In Module 3 
The Chinese century, you’ll learn to:Discuss the evolution of China’s global statusInvestigate the different dimensions of China’s powerAssess the significance of China’s rise for you and your organisation
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