How America’s Hawks Beat China’s Wolf Warriors


U.S.-China Competition: Hawks Beat Wolf Warriors in 2022 (

In 2022, Washington had the advantage in an increasingly bitter relationship.

DECEMBER 19, 2022, 7:00 AM – By James Palmer, a deputy editor at Foreign Policy

Chinese-U.S. relations have been bad for years and are getting worse. This year had some of the hottest competition yet—but perhaps surprisingly, much of the energy was on Washington’s side. In 2021, Beijing hoped that U.S. President Joe Biden would drop Trump-era policies targeting China; over the last year, it’s become evident that not only is that not going to happen but that taking on Chinese power is at the top of Biden’s foreign-policy agenda.

Some components of that, such as the Build Back Better World initiative, haven’t taken off. But the technological and trade piece has been far more successful. The first stage of a concerted effort to hamstring the Chinese tech sector was the semiconductor sanctions imposed by Washington in October. The U.S. military remains strongly focused on China and continues to retool for a potential fight in the Pacific. It’s a process that some see as coming too late and others argue is a slippery slope to an unnecessary war.


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