David M. Lampton: US-China Relations: Reflections on a Gathering Storm

WORLD AFFAIRS Recorded Thursday, October 17, 2019

Escalating tensions between the US and China driven by a trade war and technological competition may have long term consequences for both countries, but also for the global economy and security in East Asia as well as internationally.

David M. Lampton, expert on Chinese politics and US-China relations, currently at Stanford University, will take a closer look at the growing rivalry and how we might evaluate the more than forty years of Sino-American engagement since Nixon went to Beijing in 1972.

Why has engagement weakened so precipitously in the last several years? What may be the costs of this mounting friction; and, what steps could be taken by both Beijing and Washington to move in more productive directions?

SPEAKER David M. Lampton Oksenberg-Rohlen Fellow, Freeman Spogli Institute and Shorenstein APARC.

MODERATOR Markos Kounalakis Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution

For more information about this event please visit: https://www.worldaffairs.org/event-calendar/event/1999


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